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Through experimentation and practice, I, Kevin Bonilla, learned exactly how to utilize digital marketing to best serve businesses with what they need. The countless hours of searching, reading and learning how to provide value using digital marketing and forming solutions through systems and formulas to ultimately assist in the growth of businesses were worth it. From this, We provide our services to businesses and companies. Businesses now can stop wasting their time and money, and start generating more longterm revenue than ever before. Being a business owner can be incredibly overwhelming and hard to focus on the task you excel in rather than every part of your business, the goal is to work on the business, not in it. However, by hiring a profound company like us you will be able to establish a more efficient and profitable business by automating and leaving your businesses social presence to us. Kingpen Media can help you and we will do whatever it takes to do so. We will dominate your niched business media space and keep you in the spotlight and not the other guys! Digital media is the future of marketing as it’s already our current present, so what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, bring that vision into reality and those goals even closer. 


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Here are our services that can take your business to the next level.


Digital Marketing

Paid Digital Advertising

Content Creation

Custom content for your business


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Grow and manage social media accounts

Email Marketing

Creating and managing email marketing

Website Development

kingpen media
Custom website development


kingpen media consulting
Training and consulting clients



In Kingpen Media we start by assessing the current state of your social media. We rip out the weeds, and set the proper foundation. We use content to reinforce your brand story and then market it. This is a holistic package, everything is managed so you can focus on what you understand best, your business.






If you keep doing the same thing in your business nothing will change. Your business isn’t reaching the revenue you want? Are you doing everything you can but sales are still down? We take massive action into taking your business a step above and social media is the key to doing so. We are the experts to do that for you


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